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Happy New Year with MediaFiler Digital Asset Management software

The World views with MediaFiler

MediaFiler starts every New Year delivering pictures from London’s New Year Day Parade around the world. This is one of the biggest shows in the world with over 8000 participants and to top it all – 2016 was the parades 30th Anniversary.

London Borough of HillingdonLondon’s New Year’s Day Parade is a fabulous, thrilling and exciting event. It is broadcast by over 550 television stations around the world, to a Global TV audience of three hundred million people and a street audience of over 500,000 people. It raises tens of thousands of pounds for charity every year.

Fabulous displays and performances given by representatives of each of London’s Boroughs.
Also speciality performing groups, novelty items, vehicle entries from Britain and overseas. volunteers. See the image gallery below for a selection of photographs.

Alastair McDavid, Regional Director for MediaFiler said “With over 8000 participants from all over the world, the press in their respective countries, not just national press but local press too, need the photographs delivered immediately and when instant media distribution is required, MediaFiler is always the system of choice. MediaFiler delivers fast”.

London's New Years Day Parade uses MediaFiler

All photographs courtesy of LNYDP / Matt Sprake

Winning Professional Photograph by Mike Smith

MediaFiler delivers a winner

Winning Professional Photo by Mike Smith

If it’s December, a reception at the Palace of Westminster in London, then it must be the EEF Photographic Competition Results.

Photo by: Andrew Perkins

The power and diversity of modern UK manufacturing were celebrated at the House of Commons on the 10th December 2015 as the winners and runners-up of the 6th annual EEF / Lombard manufacturing photography competition were revealed.

43 inspiring images from photographers across the UK were shortlisted this year, making competition particularly fierce. The Best Professional Photographer award, sponsored by Canon, was snapped up by Mike Smith, from Newcastle, for his image of a seafloor production tool manufactured by Soil Machine Dynamics. Mike is now a triple award-winner, having previously won the competition in 2012 and 2013.

EEF Photography Contest Winners 2015

(L to R) Mike Smith, Jake Silverstone and Mark Tomlinson Photo: A Pope

The winners

The coveted Best Amateur Photographer award was won by Mark Tomlinson, from Sheffield, for his dramatic shot of work being undertaken at Sheffield Forgemasters. Mark too is no stranger to success, having won the same award back in 2010 and 2011.

The hotly-contended Best Young Photographer award went to Jake Silverstone, aged 16, from Barnet in London, for his image of two iconic London routemaster buses, which had been manufactured half a century apart from each other.


All three photographers found out that they had won during the special ceremony in the House of Commons. They now share a prize of £5,000 worth of Canon photography equipment.

The competition has been running for six years now and aims to raise the profile of British manufacturing by showcasing the industry’s creativity, diversity and heritage through inspiring photography. MediaFiler’s Digital Asset Management software is used to manage the competition.

Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive of EEF, says: “Manufacturing offers countless opportunities for intriguing and eye-catching images. The challenge is to capture the sector in a compelling shot that makes people think about modern manufacturing in a new way. This year’s winners have certainly achieved that and fully deserve to have won their awards.”

Alastair McDavid, Regional Director of MediaFiler, says: “This is fast becoming one of the major annual UK photographic contests. The number and quality of entries increase year by year. MediaFiler is delighted to have been involved with the contest since its inception six years ago in providing the software to manage the contest, from entrant’s registration, submission, right through to review and judging of the photographs.”


You may see the 2015 winners here.

World TRavel Market use MediaFiler Photo LIbrary

The World depends on MediaFiler

As the doors close on (WTM) World Travel Market London 2015 we are delighted that since 2008 MediaFiler software has been providing journalists, print and on-line publications, web blogs and the media with all their WTM images.

The WTM International Press Centre is the largest recurring press centre in the UK, attracting and supporting up to 3,000 UK and international journalists across the four days. It’s estimated a further 5,000 attend ‘virtually’ and report by accessing the WTM press office releases and photographs from the WTM Media Library online.

Photo: Lloyd Sturdy

MediaFiler Digital Asset Management is used by other exhibitions in the Reed Travel portfolio, such as WTM Africa and WTM Latin America together with other Reed exhibitions.


With MediaFiler being “Made in Holland”, we popped along to the Dutch stand at WTM and were delighted to find Joan Bergman from Amsterdam Marketing willing to wave the MediaFiler brochure under the Holland banner – thank you Joan.


Guild of Photographers overall winner 2014

Guild of Photographers – MediaFiler a Winner too !

The Guild of Photographers is the leading trade organisation in the UK for professional photographers. The Guild also uses MediaFiler to manage their monthly photographic contest.

Tough photographic contest
The Guild’s annual photographic contest is recognised as one of the toughest photographic membership contests. Every month members submit images hoping to gain a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Bar (Award). Platinum has never been awarded and in 2014 less than 50 images achieved Gold status out of over 10,000 entries.

Guild Director, Steve Thirsk said “Each year our members strive towards higher standards. For the winners there is publicity with local and national press coverage. The Guild sets the ‘Bar’ very high. Clients using an award winning Guild photographer will be assured of outstanding professional photography and our members gain a commercial advantage.”

Go The Guild’s website to see all the winning entries:

The added value of MediaFiler Digital Asset Management
The Guild uses MediaFiler to manage the monthly contest from start to finish: Registrations, uploading of entries, contestant’s selection of category and submission to the overall Photographer of the Year (POTY) contest. MediaFiler even manages the automated cut-off deadline at midnight on the last day of each month.

Images are then reviewed by The Guild to check they are honest, legal and decent, and then MediaFiler automatically places them in their correct category sections. The judges log in and add their score online. Judges can review online or download to review offline when necessary. On the 21st of each month, members can log into their personal page on MediaFiler and see how they scored that month. MediaFiler places a Gold, Silver or Bronze icon next to the images and highlights if the entry was in the POTY contest, whilst allowing members to view feedback and request further advice.

“Using MediaFiler has drastically reduced the number of days we have had to spend administering the contest, so we now have more time to spend on supporting and promoting our members.” said Marketing Manager Laura Holdcroft. “Registration and submissions are now instant 24/7 and as each member has their own ‘folder’ within MediaFiler they can log in anytime and see how they are doing throughout the year. Running the photographic contest has become much easier with MediaFiler” added Laura.

Want to run your own photographic contest?
The Engineering Employers Federation, The International Association of Fire Investigators and Dutch newspapers all use MediaFiler to manage their photographic competitions. If you want a trouble free solution to running a photographic contest … we have the answer.

UK Fire Investigators Awards using MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software

Photo Contest on Fire !

It may have been cold in January but things were hotting up in the United Kingdom Association of Fire Investigators (UK-AFI) photographic competition, with the winners announced at the Annual Training Conference.  Photo Above: Peter Cole

A strange subject for a photographic competition; we all know the devastating destruction on property and life that can result from a fire. However, the emphasis is on training. Entries are the very best photographs from across the UK which assists the UK-AFI build up a formidable resource of material in their image library that can be used for both training and meet media requests.

In the past, it was a case of contacting colleagues around the UK hunting for images to demonstrate a point, often relying on memory to find the relevant images, now they are searchable and all available in one central place.

The three categories are: Fire Scene, Investigator at Work and Close up / Forensic. Not only do the entrants submit photographs but also the accompanying narrative to support evidence and training modules. The judges were three UK-AFI board members. Examples of the three categories can be seen in the photo gallery.

On this year’s competition, UK-AFI President John Galvin, one of the judges said:

UK-AFI President John Galvin

John Galvin

”UK-AFI President John GalvinThere are many good examples of the work of fire examiners: the big, the small and the very minute. This year’s winners are no exception. Andy Earl’s submission showing a £5.5m damaged fire scene shows the extent of the work to be carried out. Mark McCabe’s ‘Examiner at Work’ gives a flavour of the team commitment required. Pete Cole’s fire scene is an all too familiar scene when one moment there is peace and quiet then the next moment your home is going up in flames. Finally, Robin Slater’s ‘Close up and Forensic’ demonstrates the close attention to detail that is very often required to identify the source of the ignition to a fire.”

The UK-AFI has currently over 950 members, with representation from the fire service, insurance industry, law enforcement, forensic scientists, private fire investigators, fire investigation training providers, and forensic science academic establishments.

Richard Smart, Managing Director of AGX Holdings Ltd, and MediaFiler sales agent in the UK to the Military, Police and Fire services said:

AGX Logo“This is our second year of being involved with the competition and we have found the experience fascinating. I never realised the amount of work involved and the time it can take to carry out a comprehensive investigation. The TV gives a very warped, compressed version of events and time scales!”

And how is MediaFiler involved?

Yet again a MediaFiler Digital Asset Management system is used to automate the entrant’s registration, submission and management of the annual competition. All entries are reviewed on line, anonymised for judging on line and finally moved into the UK-AFI’s media library. Job done and another great batch of training photographs available for immediate use.

The Fire Service, like our Police and Hospitals clients, are required to protect their sensitive material in a secure digital environment and depend on MediaFiler. Unlike other DAM providers, we don’t use commercial cloud storage but have our own secure data centres.

MediaFiler’s Alastair McDavid, said: “The Fire Investigators are outstanding Forensic photographers, their photography plays a critical role in the discovery and identification process. We’re delighted that they have selected MediaFiler to both manage the contest and the training images and reports.”

Manage a photography contest with your image library software?
If you would like to manage a national or international photography contest with our image library software, please contact us.

PCGB MediaFiler Home Page

Porsche Club select MediaFiler

Home page on the MediaFiler Library

Porsche Club Great Britain (aka PCGB) was founded by a small group of like-minded enthusiasts in the early 1960s to enjoy and celebrate the Porsche 356 which, race cars apart, was the only Porsche production model at that time. 70% of all Porsche cars built are still on the road today with over 160,000 new cars joining them each year. No wonder the PCGB has over 12,000 members. The club has stunning headquarters based in the Gloucestershire country side and is split into 30 membership regions. Additionally every owner is affiliated to the ‘Club Register’ of their Porsche model type.

Over the years various online member services had mushroomed, most using different web addresses. December 2014 saw the launch of a new PCGB website to bring together all the individual services. Now the Club Shop, Forums, Events, Track Days, Motorsports, News and Publications, etc. were all under one roof, on a single website.

All that was missing was a media archive to let members, the press and researchers browse through possibly one of the most extensive collections of Porsche material in the world. And you’ve guessed it … racing along, over the finishing line, at the chequered flag comes MediaFiler. Porsche owners always look for speed … they found it in MediaFiler.

First to the post
Porsche Post, the club’s award winning members magazine will be using MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software to accept photographs from the various events and races organised by the 30 regions and 35 Registers allowing the editor to instantly search and select current material for the publication.
Porsche Post

The club archives
The archive collection is massive, going back to the 1950’s; Posters, Brochures, Workshop Manuals, Trophies, old cine film and of course, photographs by the bucket load – OK, carefully archived in filing cabinets.

Racing is in the Porsche bloodline – the marque has a very long motorsport heritage and the archive contains photographs from races around the world including outstanding shots from Le Mans, many never ever published.

Over the years some images had been placed on CD’s, perhaps 3% of the collection and other CD’s contained born digital photographs. So far members have uploaded the CD’s into MediaFiler, about 150,000 images, including the first 1000 B/W photographs from the famous Ferrets Fotographics collection – a visual feast for members designed to show how easy it was to use MediaFiler.

Before MediaFiler
When you have one of the finest Porsche collections at your fingertips, club archivists constantly received research requests, not just from club members but from all over the world. Porsche owners, other Porsche Clubs, publishers, news media, journalists and Porsche themselves. And who does all the work? The Club archivists Peter Cook and Ches Ringrose.

MediaFiler is not going to solve the problem overnight, another 97% of the material needs to be scanned, captioned and uploaded, but it is a start. Alastair McDavid (UK Distributor for MediaFiler – and the man at the end of 0845 5050 911) commented “From now on the archivists don’t have to cover the same ground twice, all the work they do servicing enquiries can be placed directly in MediaFiler”.

PCGB Archivists Ches Ringrose & Peter Cook – Photo:

Other photographs supplied by The PCGB


MediaFiler hosts South American Games 2014

MediaFiler host South American Games

One of our biggest success stories of 2014 was providing the official Press Image Library for the South American Games. The South American Games is a multi-sport event that, just like the Olympics, takes place every four years but with the participating competitors being only from the 14 countries of continental South America.

Photo: Final home page of the Media LIbrary from photographs supplied to the library by the Agencia Uno photographers.

Sports photography
The 2014 games, the 10th were held in March last year (2014) in Chile. Following on from the games billed as ‘X Juegos SudAmericanos’ was the 1st ParaSouthAmerican Games, ‘I Juegos ParaSurAmericanos‘ and MediaFiler delivered the press images from these games too. The South American Games covered 317 events in 33 sports and while not on the scale of the Olympics many Olympic competitors took part and for the people of Latin America this was a BIG event. Sport is BIG News with a massive following in South America.

News Module: combines photography with the stories
MediaFiler Agent for Latin America, Jordi Lorente had previously set up a library for Agencia Uno, the largest photographic agency in Chile and it was on their recommendation that Jordi was asked to set up the games Press Library. The library was required to carry all the official images of the games together with news stories related to certain groups of images, using the MediaFiler News Module.

Performance and availability
Official photographers and reporters, many from Agencia Uno uploaded directly into MediaFiler from the field. The press from around the world downloaded 24/7. After login they were able to select and view the latest images or click on the relevant icon to immediately see the latest images in that particular discipline. MediaFiler was provided as a hosted solution based in our data center in Holland, ensuring our own system engineers were monitoring the library and could make adjustments if required.

London's New Years's Day Parade 2015, with official photos on MediaFiler

MediaFiler brings in the New Year !

A selection of photographs from the London New Year’s Day Parade 2015 – photos by Mat Sprake

MediaFiler starts The New Year on day one – January 1st as the London New Year’s Day Parade photographs are all managed with MediaFiler. When you need to provide access around the world to the press & media, all hungry for New Year’s celebration pictures, then MediaFiler delivers every time!

The New Year’s Day Parade is an American style procession with marching bands, cheerleaders, street entertainers and clowns. Over 8000 participants, from several nations, mostly from the USA sing, dance, march, drive, drum, trumpet and cheer their way along the route with crowds of around to 500,000 turning out to watch the spectacular, which is broadcast live to TV audience across the world. The annual parade starts from The Ritz hotel at mid-day and finishes at Westminster. The free event raises money for charity through the London Mayors Association. The photographs all taken by the official LNYDP photographer Matt Sprake

Winners of the EEF Photography Competition 2014

Three New Winners for 2014

The winners (Left to Right) Rob Watkins [Amateur], Bryony Richards [Young] and Martin Avery [Professional] photo by Adrian Pope

If it’s December it must be the Annual EEF Photography Competition Awards at the House of Commons. This contest goes from strength to strength with more entries each year. Apart from the prestige associated with winning one of the three categories, winners receive a prize of photographic equipment and the winning entries are displayed in government buildings and overseas in some British Embassies to highlight engineering products and processes Made In Britain ! Yet again MediaFiler is at the heart of managing this digital contest.

A packed WTM, image from their MediaFiler digital photo library

World Travel Market 2014

World Travel Market 2014 – Packed Solid ! – Photo: WTM Media Library:  photographer Lloyd Sturdy

November comes round faster each year and with it World Travel Market. While many exhibitions and trade shows are struggling to survive, indeed many closing altogether, WTM just attracts more visitors each year. Just look at the packed halls above. Crammed to the rafters!

Once again MediaFiler worked with the WTM team of five outstanding travel trade photographers to deliver all the WTM press office photographs to the media, with many national newspapers and TV stations reviewing the content 24/7 during the four days for both printed and broadcast material but also to feed their on-line channels too.

The speed and ease of using MediaFiler makes it so easy for the media to get what they want, that they return again and again.