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Highly Commended image taken by Ian Pickering, in the 2017 EEF photo contest which is run using MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software.

DAM Delivers 3 Winners

MediaFiler, the versatile asset management software manages the EEF photography competition.

Eight years in a row, our DAM software has run the Engineering Employers Federation Photography Competition from start to finish.

Winning images in the 2017 EEF photography competition managed using MediaFiler DAM software

Professional Winner – Adrian Waine, Stone Slab Cutting, Natural Stone Surfaces in Derby. Amateur Winner – Jakub Wasik, Process Underbody 24, Range Rover Sport. Young Person Winner – Siobhan Lock, Merlyn’s Magic, Penderyn Distillery



Runner Up in the 2017 EEF Professional Category, photograph by Steve Morgan contest managed by MediaFiler DAM software

Professional Category – Runner Up – Steve Morgan






Contestants register &  are automatically verified using the MediaFiler registration module.  Photographers upload their images and add the mandatory information to each image prior to entering the contest.  The EEF contest manager visually checks each image meets the criteria and accepts or rejects the photo.  Mediafiler automatically anonymizes the contestant’s details of their image while moving it into the correct category.

Runner Up in the 2017 EEF Amateur Category by Mark Tomlinson, contest managed by MediaFiler software

Amateur Category – Runner Up – Mark Tomlinson

Once the contest closes, judges log into MediaFiler to select the initial short list in each category, prior to final selection at a judges meeting at EEF HQ. The EEF also use their MediaFiler to hold images for the press, photographs from the awards ceremonies as well as displaying the rules and help guides. MediaFiler software runs the photography contests for The Guild of Photographers, The International Association of Arson Investigators and other public competitions.

The winners in the three categories were announced at a high-profile event at the Palace of Westminster in London, December 2017 where 63 shortlisted images were displayed. The competition seeks creative images that capture the essence of modern manufacturing. It is all part of EEF’s drive to challenge and change people’s outdated perceptions of the sector. The images help to raise the profile of UK manufacturing by showcasing the industry’s creativity, diversity and heritage, as well as helping to put local firms on the map and three winning photographers walked away with a share of £5000 in prizes.

Highly Commended image taken by Ian Pickering, in the 2017 EEF photo contest which is run using MediaFiler Digital Asset Management Software.

Professional Highly Commended by Ian Pickering


Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, says: “As an international economic department, we are committed to ensuring our manufacturing sector continues to grow, and these images highlight why the UK’s modern, dynamic and innovative manufacturing industry exports to markets around the world.”

Alastair McDavid, Managing Director of The Digital Asset Lab, the UK agents for MediaFiler, said: We’re delighted that the photographers, EEF contest team and the Judges found MediaFiler easy to use. It is a very versatile DAM system and has quickly adapted to the EEF photographic competition needs over the years.


WTM media and photo library home page managed using MediaFiler Digital Assert Management Software

DAM SMART– what it is, why it’s better

Digital Asset Management systems are increasingly being recognized as an essential business tool for organizations to control and exploit their growing mountains of pictures, presentations, PDFs, video, digital audio files and other documents in the face of today’s multi-media world. They are now an indispensable tool to achieve brand consistency and brand awareness as well as significantly reducing marketing operational costs.

Most large companies operate on a global scale and so need DAM systems that operate on multiple platforms able to scale according to the size of subsidiaries or branch offices. They also now demand systems that operate seamlessly on a worldwide basis via a private intranet / extranet or a public facing solution. All globally and securely accessible via the internet. It’s time for a new generation of DAM solutions. We call them DAM SMART Solutions.

SMART stands for:

  • Systems independent metadata
  • Multi-platform operating systems
  • Advanced customization options
  • Rapid secure worldwide access
  • Tangibly faster ROI with less risk

Systems independent metadata

Embedded in most files – be it a picture, video, PDF etc. – there is a string of related structured information such as the caption, creation date, security and copyright details. This called the metadata. We call it ‘systems independent’ because it travels with the file and, being an international standard, it can be instantly read by other systems. This brings tremendous advantages:

Searchability. Files can be rapidly located according to very detailed and specific criteria, e.g. photos by specific location or event accessible only by authorized staff or business partners whether working in your offices, from home or another country. Accessibility. Any file, anytime, anywhere. The files are available 24/7. This means, for example, journalists can find pictures and files on your company at any time and use them in articles. Your marketing agencies, as well as your marketing team, can find all your branding information within seconds, vastly improving your brand management.

Futureproof. Being systems independent it does not need to be held in a separate database. So, however your company or your IT systems change, the files never need to change as all the relevant information is ‘built-in’ Easy backup: Simply back up the file and you back up the associated data. Easy transfer: Transfer the file and you transfer the data.

Multi-Platform operating systems

Our DAM solutions run on all the key platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux – giving you significant advantages:

Cost savings. No need to buy new hardware.

Faster installation. No need to spend unnecessary money training staff on a new operating system. This gives you the opportunity to install the solution more quickly.

Scalability. Easy to deploy in multiple national and global locations which may differ in size and use differing operating systems and standards.

Ease and familiarity. Every IT department has their favourite operating system, for example, Corporates may favour Windows, Universities Linux and design studios Mac. The choice is yours.

Advanced customization options

It’s understandable that the prime focus of software authors is to sell as many licences as possible. We, however, are customer driven, not product led. We understand that the more a system is tailored to a client’s requirements, the bigger the business benefits he will achieve. This is the philosophy and track record of our management team.

With decades of experience in implementing DAM systems in hundreds of companies – including such famous names as M&S, Getty Images and the Kier Group – we are uniquely qualified to help you define and tailor the right solution for your business. And we have always been committed to a programme of constant research and development, a continual quest for new and better ways for our clients to exploit the latest and most appropriate innovations. That’s what we mean by advanced customization.

Rapid Secure Worldwide Access

Means your files are accessible with robust security to all authorised users 24/7, worldwide, whether you employ an internal intranet, private or public facing solution accessible via the internet. The advantages are significant:

The right information, every time. Your staff, whether working, for example, in a branch office or needing to download the latest company or product presentation from a hotel room, can get instant access to key files simply and safely via the internet. Faster time-to-market. Product launches can be speeded up as everyone authorized has constant access to the latest information and brand identity specifications.

Improved brand awareness and effective communications. You can be connected 24/7 anywhere in the world with your key external audiences and business partners, be they journalists, ad agencies, PR agencies etc.

Greater productivity. Marketing staff can now work more efficiently at home as they can easily access all relevant marketing data via the internet. Indeed, travelling around locations and being always able to access files no longer presents a problem.

Better presentations. There is nothing quite so productive as the last minute! While we travel by car, train or plane, we mentally run through the next sales pitch. What executive has not sat in a hotel room or reception changing and perfecting his presentation!

Tangibly faster ROI & less risk

Because we have the combined expertise and experience of installing DAM solutions in more than 200 companies, we are best equipped to identify your needs, then create, customize and implement a solution more rapidly. This gives you the opportunity to go live with a tailored system in as short a timeframe as possible and start reaping the benefits.

And if your choice is a hosted solution rather than an in-house system, we can get you up and running even faster – actually within days, converting and uploading your pictures, presentations, PDFs, video and audio files and documents in our offices. No internal upheaval, no extra investment in IT systems, no need to employ specialised staff to maintain your digital assets. You can concentrate on the business gains whilst we take care of the technology.

Photo: World Travel Market Latin America / World Travel Market London / Dunlop

John McDonnell MP speaking at the EEF Conference 2017 which was instantly published using MeidaFiler DAM software

Instant Results

PR, Marketing and Social Media departments of the Engineering Employers Federation all required instant images from the 2017 EEF National Manufacturing Conference. There’s no faster way to access your digital assets than MediaFiler!

The team of photographers from Digital-Photo continually uploaded their images to Mediafiler by Wi-Fi direct form the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre to the EEF MediaFiler. Including the above photograph of John McDonnell MP taken by Adrian Pope.

All EEF departments and conference sponsors were able to log in to MediaFiler throughout the day to view and download images too instantly, supporting their live Blogs, Twitter and Facebook publications. While PR and Marketing selected the images to accompany their press material. It is the speed of MediaFiler that makes the difference.

Jaguars – London’s New Year’s Parade on Westminster Bridge distributed world wide by MediaFiler DAM software

London’s New Year Day Parade & MediaFiler

Record numbers packed the streets of the West End on January 1st as the city celebrated London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2017, while Singin’ in the Rain.


London’s New Year Day Parade

An estimated crowd approaching 600,000 braved the elements and showed the World that London was open for business. This annual tradition, now in its 31st year, showcased over 8500 performers from numerous nations at one of the World’s great street spectaculars.

Londoners and visitors alike came in record numbers and even when the heavens opened, and it rained, the pavements were absolutely packed with people determined to welcome in the New Year in style, whatever the weather. Reaction from the street audience and global television viewership was fantastic. London showed the World how it’s done.


All photos from LNYDP Library by Matt Sprake

The parade is beamed live by television around the world, and naturally, on this particular day, there is an exceptionally high media interest for video and images.

Alastair McDavid, Regional Director for MediaFiler in the UK said: “London’s New Year’s Day Parade communications team use MediaFiler to handle all the image distribution to the media around the world. MediaFiler is one of the most robust and easy to use Media Library systems available. Publications, on-line channels and TV stations all log in to MediaFiler on one day of the year and all depend on MediaFiler.”